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Welcome to the Gospel Tabernacle Website

Our Ministries

GT is a church that hinges on love. While striving for excellence in all we do, we aim to have each ministry be purposeful in building the Kingdom of God and meeting the needs of the community.  

Our Vision

  • To build strong Bible believing Christians
  • To spread the gospel of Christ in the local church, community, and world
  • To let lost sinners know that Jesus Christ loves them
  • To be a safe haven for people hurt by the storms of life
  • To be the driving force that steers people into their purpose and destiny.


  • “We’ve known Pastor and Lady Cook both in and out of church. What we love the most about them is their generous spirits and their ability to relate to any and every person that they meet. They demonstrate God’s love in everything they do. Also, they are very down to earth and can meet people where they are which is so important when you are trying to win souls into the Kingdom. They also represent a wonderful model of what a Godly marriage is and serve as role models for us in our marriage.”

    -Deacon Melvin & Sis. Kelly Moore
  • I thank God for allowing us to come out of the darkness of the world, into the marvelous light and guidance of Pastor and Lady Cook. In today’s times it seems like pastors in ministries put on fronts and only tell you what you want to hear and not so much what God is saying, which you need to hear. I thank God for the leadership of Pastor and Lady Cook because what you see and hear is what you get on a daily basis. They are genuine people who genuinely seek and hear from God and show love and compassion to their members and those who they come in contact with. I’m grateful to be part of their leadership at Gospel Tabernacle Church because they are definitely on the move and rise for God as He elevates them in this ministry. The best is yet to come!

    -Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Suggs Jr.
  • My mother had just passed away and I was in a dark place, it just so happened that my co-worker Monica Moore-Cook ( who is now Co-Pastor Cook ) invited me to her church Gospel Tabernacle.That was in 2005 I have been a member ever since. I felt the love when I first walked in and that began part of my healing. I am now a part of that loving congregation.
    Pastor Cook and Co-Pastor Monica are two very special people, to know them is to love them. They keep it real at all times and they are very loving and supportive. Gospel Tabernacle is a church that looks out for one another and reaches out to the community. I am truly glad that I accepted that invitation years ago.

    -Mother Teal